Thursday, January 06, 2005

Buy Gold! A tribute to my Dad

My father, Charles J. Parlagreco, died unexpectedly on December 21, 2004 early in the morning. He was 68.

My dad was an inspiration to me and the reason that I found finance so interesting. He was always promulgating different "dooms day" scenarios that he read in highly questionable newsletters. When he wasn't telling me to buy gold for protection of value (which is an actual reason to buy gold, even if his reasoning was a bit exaggerated), he was explaining his latest "hot" stock tip and why I should load up on it immediately. These are the memories we shared, often joking about some financial disaster or another. The most famous one, or should I say infamous, was the "Churches Fried Chicken" fiasco. He got me to bite on this one, buying 100 shares of CFC at about $9. Anyway, it was a great tax write off and worth the many hours of joking we enjoyed together about our stock picking acumen.

Its funny what you remember from your childhood and how it affects you. The frequent discussions of economics, politics and finance were instrumental in my interest in business. My Dad always thought I would be either a teacher or a business person, of which I am now both. If only all the Dad's in the world had such high expectations of their kids, maybe we'd have few problems. Who knows?

We said goodbye to this great man just after Christmas. May he rest in peace. He will not be forgotten.